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The leading edge mobile security technology for iOS and Android.

High performance malware engine, VPN, ID Protection, Safe Browsing and AppLock features help you to keep your apps and data safe.

Also, SD Card protection, cloud scanning option and up-to-date malware detection capabilities keep your phone safe & healthy.

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Identity Theft Protection

Comodo monitors suspicious activity on the Dark Web and alerts you when your credentials (email addresses, credit card numbers, SSN, etc) are compromised.


Protect your privacy with Comodo’s mobile VPN. Our Virtual Private Network protects and keeps your data 100% secure and private.

Safe Browsing

Comodo’s mobile Safe Browsing guards against malicious websites and phishing links.

App Lock

By using Comodo’s free applock you’ll protect access to any sensitive app installed on your phone.


Comodo’s no root firewall helps you to disable data traffic of apps on your device

Wi-Fi Security

Comodo’s Wi-Fi security provides Wi-Fi protection when using your Android device.


Keep your files in protected folder against unauthorized access.

And More

SD Card protection, Real-time protection, Cloud Scanning, Up-to-date virus database and more…

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Comodo Mobile Security


1- What is Identity Theft Protection?

Identify theft protection is a monitoring service that will detect when your email addresses, credit card numbers, or personal passwords are put for sale on the Dark Web.

2- What is Applock?

Applock is a feature allowing you to block access to folders and apps of your choice on your device. Even if your phone lands in the wrong hands, access to your dating apps, photo folders etc will be blocked.

3- Does your VPN keep log?

No! It is totally log free

4- What is Safe Browsing?

Safe Browsing detects malicous web sites and phishing schemes on websites before your browser accesses the suspicious pages.

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