Android Mobile Security Apps: Why Install One

Android mobile security must be taken with utmost importance. Your Android phone is an essential device that help you in fulfilling a wide variety of tasks.

Android phones are not just for simple calls and texts. They offer functionalities almost identical to a personal computer. You probably even use your phone to manage your bank account and other sensitive credentials. This is a proof that it needs to be kept secure at all times. The best way to do it is by installing an Android mobile security app.

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The Reason Why an Android Mobile Security App is Necessary

Why an Android Mobile Security App

Similar to your laptop or desktop computer, your Android phone also needs protection. Android may have built-in security features. However, relying solely to that will definitely not be enough. You will need an advanced application that will help you protect your phone by providing it with efficient Android mobile security functions.

The number of Android users across the globe has dramatically increased over the last couple of years. The negative impact of this is that cybercriminals saw this as an opportunity to create various malicious attacks that can threaten Android mobile security.

Unfortunately, it would be hard to determine if your phone has already been infected by an Android virus or other security risks. Only when you install an Android mobile security app that you will be able to scan your entire phone for any malware.

When an Android mobile security threat has successfully infected your phone, you will experience negative results. Your Android phone will perform slower than usual. Apps will take longer to open or launch. Aside from these, your phone’s battery life will decrease as well. Worst, files and sensitive info stored in your phone can be encrypted or stolen.

Here are some of the Android mobile security threats that can infect your phone:

  1. Mobile Phishing
  2. Mobile Spyware
  3. Mobile Banking Trojans
  4. Mobile Ransomware
  5. Fake Android Apps
  6. To protect your phone, installing an Android mobile security app must be guaranteed. However, not all Android mobile security apps can provide the level of security your phone needs. That is why you need to know how to determine the best security app for Android phones.

    Listed below are the attributes that an Android mobile security app possess:


An android security app must be effective in keeping all viruses and other security risks out of your phone. This means that it is capable of detecting and neutralizing a range of known and unknown threats hidden on your Android phone’s system.

An Android mobile security app do this by providing you access to a range of powerful security features. This allows you to ensure that your phone will remain healthy and malware-free. One feature it must have is an efficient Android antivirus.

This feature will allow you to scan your entire Android device (including the external SD card) for viruses. It will then give you the power to immediately delete those detected security risks outside of your phone.

For better effectiveness, the best Android mobile security app also gives you access to a wide set of other security features. This helps guarantee better Android mobile security. Some of these are VPN service, secure browsing tool, and an application locker.

Effective Android Security App
Easy to use Android Security App


Another attribute is easy usability. The best Android mobile security app showcases an interface that you can easily familiarize yourself with. This will allow you to navigate the entire app without any hassle. As a result, you can access each features and settings more immediately. This leads to better Android mobile security as you can maximize the usage of the app.


Improving your Android mobile security doesn’t need to be expensive. On Google Play, there are both paid and free Android mobile security apps available. However, it must be noted that paid applications doesn’t guarantee better Android protection. There are free Android security apps that offers top-of-the-line Android protection. Comodo Mobile Security is one good example.

Comodo Mobile Security is one of the best free mobile security apps that can provide your Android phone all-around protection. It offers a set of innovative features that are designed to secure the different aspects of your Android phone.

One of Comodo Mobile Security’s top features is its highly efficient Android antivirus. It offers a significant rate of detection of malicious Android mobile security threats. Comodo’s Android antivirus is designed to protect your Android devices against viruses, unsecure apps, and potentially risky settings. Through this advanced feature, you can protect your privacy and keep your Android phone’s system optimized.

Other Comodo Mobile Security features include:

  • Unlimited VPN
  • ID Protection
  • Safe Browsing
  • App Lock

Improve Android mobile security. Install Comodo Mobile Security now for FREE!

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