Free Identity Theft Protection for iPhone: Benefits of Using it

Free identity theft protection services can help you avoid falling victim to identity theft. They do this through constant monitoring of all your sensitive information all over the Internet, including the dark web.

Identity theft is one of the biggest security issues of today. In an identity theft incident, an imposter will steal your sensitive data and use it to make transactions without your knowledge and consent. Fortunately, today, you can now access a free identity theft protection service through your iPhone. This will allow you to monitor the security of your sensitive information in an easy, convenient way.

There are several mobile security apps for iPhone that offer free identity theft protection as one of their main features. Comodo Mobile Security is a good example. Having access to a free identity theft protection feature will let you enjoy the following benefits:

Free Identity Theft Protection

Benefits of Using a Free Identity Theft Protection

Data Security

Benefit No. 1: All Sensitive Data Will Remain Secure

The main function of a free identity theft protection service is to secure all your sensitive data. By using this service, you will be guaranteed that your private info will remain out of the hands of identity thieves. With a free identity theft protection service, you can protect your mail addresses, passwords, credit card numbers, social security number, pin numbers, phone numbers, and other sensitive info.

By entrusting your sensitive info to a free identity theft protection service, it will be able to monitor all your information. The service will send you immediate notification alerts once any of your data is put on sale on the dark web. Through this, you can take quick necessary actions. You can change your credentials and alert the concerned authorities.

Benefit No. 2: Prevents You from Suffering Certain Costs Associated with Identity Theft

Using a free identity theft protection service can save you loads of money. When an identity thief stole any of your sensitive info, he will have the liberty to do anything with it.

In the event wherein your credit card or banking information is stolen, unauthorized transactions will arise. With this sensitive information on their hands, identity thieves can make card purchases on your behalf. Also, if they get hold of your other private info, they can use it to open up a new loan under your name.

By using Comodo’s free identity theft protection service, you will be able to avoid suffering from these unauthorized card transactions. With a service that will immediately alert you once your data was put for sale on the dark web, you will be given enough time to take the necessary actions (i.e. alert your credit card company). This will help in minimizing the impact of identity theft in your financial records.

Identity Theft Protection
Best Identity Theft Protection

Benefit No. 3: Peace of Mind

When you use a reliable, free identity theft protection service, you will have peace of mind. This is because you are guaranteed that your sensitive information is being well-monitored. With this, you can remain safe against the dangers of identity theft.

Identity theft is not only limited to unauthorized purchases and other financial transactions. Identity thieves can also use your private info and assume your personal identity when dealing with law authorities. However, by using a reliable, free identity theft protection service, you can enjoy the assurance of quick notification alerts for every possible identity theft issue.

Comodo Mobile Security

To guarantee identity theft protection, you should install Comodo Mobile Security to your iPhone. There are, in fact, many mobile security apps available in the App store. However, not all of them offer a free identity theft protection function. Comodo Mobile Security is one of the best mobile security apps that offer this must-have feature.

Comodo’s free identity theft protection feature for iPhone will help you keep an eye on identity thieves that would want to steal your sensitive information. It is programmed to send you immediate notification alerts once your sensitive information was put on sale by hackers. Through this feature, you will have plenty of time to change your credentials and alert your credit card companies and the credit bureaus.

Aside from its free identity theft protection feature, Comodo Mobile Security also offers you additional security features. This gives your iPhone all-in-one protection. These features are:

  • VPN - This feature masks your IP address and encrypts your mobile connection. With this, your mobile web browsing will remain 100% private.
  • Safe Browsing - This feature allows you to enjoy a safe mobile browsing experience. It will prevent suspicious websites from stealing your personal information or taking control of your browser.
  • App Lock - This feature will guarantee that prying eyes will be prevented from using and accessing apps that you want to keep private.

Be notified every time your sensitive information was put at risk. Download Comodo Mobile Security today!