iPhone Security: Useful Tips to Protect your iPhone

iPhone security is an important issue every iPhone user must deal with. Even though the iPhone is known to be a secure system, there is still no guarantee that your iPhone is invulnerable to security threats. You still need to take some security measures that will ensure the protection of your iPhone and any personal data it contains.

Here are some tips to strengthen your iPhone security:

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iPhone Security Tips

Tip No. 1: Be Cautious When Browsing Online

One way to improve your iPhone security is by using a safe browsing feature. The mobile web is filled with threats that can compromise your iPhone security. You need to be cautious every time you browse online using your iPhone.

Luckily, there are now safe browsing services available for iPhone. These services actively monitor your web browsing activities. They will notify you each time you are about to land on a malicious website. A bulletproof mobile browsing protection is the first step toward heightened iPhone security

Also, when you shop online from your iPhone, make sure that you do it from a legitimate and secure mobile website. Most, if not all, known online retailers have made their online sites secure. To identify whether a site is secure or not, check the address bar. If a website address starts with “https:” and displays a padlock icon next to the URL address, then the mobile website is secure.

Providing sensitive information to unsecured websites can lead to identity theft. Any credit card number, password, pin code, or social security numbers entered on an unsecured mobile website can lead to your identity being stolen. By giving this information to an unsecured website, the attacker can steal it and use it without your knowledge.

Use a Mobile VPN

Tip No. 2: Use a Mobile VPN

A Mobile Virtual private network (mobile VPN) is a service that allows you to use a secured funnel for your iPhone to browse safely. Thus, bringing you extra iPhone security. A mobile VPN guarantees optimal iPhone security by encrypting all internet traffic that is being sent to and from your iPhone. Aside from this, a mobile VPN also hides your IP address.

Using a VPN Access is advisable, especially if you often connect to public Wifi networks. These networks, though offer free internet connection, are unsecured. Cybercriminals can use unsecured networks to send out attacks. They aim to steal the information you transmit and receive while connected to an unsecured network.

Moreover, using a mobile VPN has other advantages. Aside from helping improve iPhone security, mobile VPN apps can bypass network restrictions and internet censorship. With that, you can access websites and stream videos that are restricted in your country or region.

Tip No. 3: Turn on Automatic iOS Updates

Installing iOS updates guarantees better iPhone security. Just like in any system, keeping your iPhone up-to-date is a vital part of remaining safe.

Luckily, Apple allows iPhone users to enable automatic iOS updates. By turning the auto-update function on, you can guarantee that your iPhone will receive the latest iOS update as soon as Apple released it.

Apple regularly releases iOS updates to ensure the security of iPhones. Every update comes with the latest security solutions that will help protect you against iPhone security threats. By installing iOS updates, bugs and vulnerabilities of the previous iOS version will be fixed.

Automatic iOS Updates
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Tip No. 4: Download a Mobile Security App for iPhone

Security apps for iPhone are available on the App Store. These applications are programmed to provide the iPhone with top-notch protection.

A mobile security app offers a range of features that you can use to ensure that your iPhone is protected against mobile security threats. By installing this app, you can ensure high-quality protection for your iPhone. This will help secure your iPhone, including all the files and personal data stored in it.

Comodo Mobile Security | Top Mobile Security App for iPhone

iPhone security can be improved using Comodo Mobile Security. It is an all-in-one application that uses leading-edge mobile security technology to keep your iPhone secure.

Comodo Mobile Security is packed with powerful features that will keep your iPhone safe and healthy. These include:

  • VPN - protects and keeps your data 100% secure and private.
  • Safe Browsing - guards your iPhone against malicious websites and phishing links
  • Identity Theft - sends notification alerts when your credentials are compromised.
  • App Lock - protects access to any sensitive app installed on your iPhone

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