What is Mobile Security Software?

Mobile security software (a.k.a. mobile security app) is an application designed to help in maintaining top-notch smartphone protection. It can help defend your smartphone against malicious files, unsecured apps, and other mobile security threats. It also offers additional features that give your smartphone all-around protection.

There are many ways to protect your smartphone. You can activate its fingerprint scanner or keep all installed applications updated. Nevertheless, installing reliable mobile security software is one effective smartphone security practice that you should never leave behind.

To learn why installing mobile security software is important, here are some of its benefits:

Mobile Security Software

Benefits of Installing Mobile Security Software

Mobile Security Threats

Mobile Security Software Benefit No. 1: Mobile Security Threats are Blocked

Security threats targeting smartphones are growing exponentially. In fact, in 2018, the total number of new mobile malware rose by about 40%. These malwares can slow down your phone’s performance, or worse, steal your private data. By not installing mobile security software, it is just a matter of time before your smartphone becomes the next victim.

Mobile security software is packed with high-grade features that can combat even the most sophisticated mobile security threats. By installing one to your phone, you will have guaranteed protection against known and unknown threats. Mobile security software will block all detected threats before they enter and infect your phone. Thus, saving you from any possible harm.

Mobile Security Software Benefit No. 2: Always-on Mobile Phone Security

Mobile security software does not just block mobile malware. It is also designed to keep your device protected against unsafe apps and potentially risky settings. With all of that, your data will remain secure and your phone’s system optimized.

Mobile security software guarantee this by providing your phone with round-the-clock protection. This ensures that your phone is being scanned in an active and regular basis. Through this function, all possible viruses, malware, and unsafe apps can be detected and removed out of your phone quickly.

A good thing about mobile security software is that their memory and battery usage is minimal. Comodo Mobile Security is a good example of a lightweight mobile security app. With this, you can have all-around smartphone protection without affecting your device’s performance.

Mobile Phone Security
Secure Web Browing

Mobile Security Software Benefit No. 3: Secured Web Browsing

Gone are the days when you used your phone just for calls and texts. With the continuous advancements in mobile phone technology, you can do almost anything just by using your smartphone.

You can now use it to connect to the Internet and access information and news. Aside from these, you can your phone to buy stuff online. These include clothing, food, and airline tickets. You buy these stuffs using your credit or debit card credentials.

Unfortunately, without installing mobile security software, you put these sensitive information at risk. Cybercriminals have developed sophisticated web-based attacks that can steal your private data. These attacks are usually hidden on malicious websites and pop-ups. Without an advanced security app, you will remain vulnerable from browser exploits and other online security threats.

Mobile Security Software Benefit No. 4: Additional Security Features

Mobile security software does not just give you an extra layer of smartphone security. It is also packed with a range of other features that provides all-around smartphone protection. By installing a mobile security app that offers other advanced security functions, you can maximize the security of your device, files, and personal information. Additional security features include Virtual Private Network (VPN), app lock, identity protection, etc.

Security Features

Comodo Mobile Security

There may be many ways to secure your smartphone. However, none of these will not top the importance and value of installing a mobile security app. That is why when looking for a mobile security app to install, choose one that offers an always-on protection. Choose Comodo Mobile Security.

We developed Comodo Mobile Security with you, our user, in mind. We understand your need to protect your phone and keep all data secure. That is why we designed Comodo Mobile Security with a comprehensive antivirus feature. Through using this advanced security function, Comodo Mobile Security will:

  • protect your smartphone against emerging threats through cloud scanning
  • enable real-time protection to both your phone and SD card
  • report false detection

To provide your device all-around smartphone protection, Comodo Mobile Security also gives you access to these features:

Use a free mobile security app that offers always-on smartphone protection. Install Comodo Mobile Security today!