What is Mobile Security?

Mobile security is an important issue every smartphone user must deal with. This is primarily due to the fact that mobile phones today are not just for calls and texts. You can now use your phone to connect to social media, play high-graphic games, and check on your work emails. With the importance of your smartphone in your day-to-day life, you need to guarantee optimum mobile security.

To secure your phone, what you need is a mobile security app. It is a mobile application dedicated to providing high-standard smartphone protection. Aside from this, it is also packed with other advanced features that help users secure their data and other information.

To learn why installing a mobile security app is important, here are some of its key benefits:

Benefits of Using a Mobile Security App

Mobile Security

Benefit No. 1: Real-Time Protection Against Mobile Cyber Threats

A mobile security solution provides your device 24/7 protection. Through this, you can prevent mobile malware and other mobile cyber threats in real-time.

Mobile cyber threats can corrupt your data. Worse, there are also threats that can steal your personal information. A reliable mobile security app will help you detect any threat before they infect your device.

Benefit No. 2: Secured Web Browsing

The Internet has grown mobile. We now use our smartphones to search for news and information. Unfortunately, millions of hackers, phishers, and other cyber thieves are also online. They create sophisticated web-based threats that can infect smartphones.

An effective way to prevent being a victim of web-based attacks is through the use of a mobile security app. This app is built on with security standards that can protect your mobile phone while browsing. Some mobile security apps even display notifications when a user is trying to open a potentially risky web page.

Benefit No. 3: Maintained Device Performance

Mobile cyber threats affect the performance of your phone. Without a mobile security app, these threats can easily enter your phone’s system. When this happens, your smartphone will perform slower than usual. With that, apps will take much longer to run. These include even basic apps such as your camera or your photo gallery.

Aside from this, mobile security threats eat up space on your phone’s memory storage or SD card. When threats penetrate your device, they will be saved on your phone’s memory or hidden as malicious codes on unsecured apps. This will also cause your mobile phone’s battery to drain faster.

To ensure that you can maintain a smooth device performance, you need to install a mobile security app. It will block any known threats. Thus, ensuring that you can maximize your drive space and optimize battery life.

Comodo Mobile Security | Top Free Mobile Security Solution

With the goal to offer high-grade smartphone protection features, we developed Comodo Mobile Security, a free mobile security app for Android and iOS. It is a mobile security solution that offers an all-in-one smartphone protection.

A number of good mobile security apps is now available for download. However, not all of them can offer powerful mobile security features for free. With Comodo Mobile Security, you can enjoy top-notch mobile security without spending anything.

Our application, Comodo Mobile Security, provides intensive protection through the use of its antivirus feature. This feature performs the following functions:

  • Enabling real-time protection to both your device and SD card
  • Protecting your device against emerging threats through cloud scanning
  • Preventing identity theft when using public Wi-Fi
  • Reporting false detection

Aside from these, Comodo Mobile Security is also packed with other mobile security features. This makes Comodo Mobile Security an all-in-one tool for all your smartphone protection needs.

  • Unlimited VPN – Comodo’s unlimited mobile VPN allows you to browse anonymously. Pick the VPN location of your choice and browse freely knowing that no one can locate you, nor can see the sites you’re visiting from your mobile phone.
  • App Lock – This allows you to block access to certain applications and folders on your phone. With the App Lock feature, other people won’t be able to access your private apps. This feature will ask you to create a unique pattern to lock & unlock apps.
  • Safe Browsing – With this Comodo Mobile Security feature, you can now protect your mobile phone against malicious mobile websites. The Safe Browsing feature will notify you when you try to access a malicious website.
  • This guarantees that you won’t visit any vulnerable and malware-infected web pages.

Use a free mobile security app that offers extensive smartphone security and protection. Install Comodo Mobile Security today!