Protect Your Mobile Phone With These Tips

Protect your mobile phone by implementing necessary security measures. By doing so, you can prevent mobile security risks from infiltrating your phone. As a result, you can keep it optimized and all the data it stores safe and uncompromised.

There are many security measures that can help protect your mobile phone. By taking into consideration and implementing these security measures, you can boost your smartphone security.

Here, we have listed five must-do security measures in order to protect your mobile phone against web-based and physical mobile security threats:

Protect Your Mobile Phone
How to Keep Your Mobile Phone Safe

How to Keep Your Mobile Phone Safe

1. Update mobile OS on a regular basis.

Mobile security threats aim to exploit the vulnerabilities of your iPhone or Android phone. Luckily, you can protect your mobile phone by ensuring that you are using its current mobile OS version.

Regardless of whether you are an iPhone or Android user, installing regular mobile OS updates is important. Mobile OS updates contain security patches that fix vulnerabilities and security holes. Continuing to use an outdated mobile OS makes your phone more susceptible to mobile security attacks.

You can protect your mobile phone even more by automatizing mobile OS updates installation. This will enable your phone to periodically scan for mobile OS updates and install them automatically once detected. With this, you can guarantee that the mobile OS version you are using is up to date.

2. Set up a rigid screen lock.

The data that your phone stores, needless to say, is important. These sensitive data include your account passwords and debit/credit card numbers. You need to protect your data against both online and offline mobile security threats.

However, regularly updating mobile OS can only protect your mobile phone against web-based security risks. If you want to protect your iPhone or Android phone from physical threats, one thing you could do is to set up a rigid screen lock.

When your smartphone is lost or stolen, whoever has it can access all personal and financial information it stores. To mitigate these risks, setting up a strong screen lock is your best solution.

Unlike other lockscreen methods, the alphanumeric password option allows you to generate a password that consists of various characters, such as letters, numbers, and other special symbols. This length of an alphanumeric password also varies, making it more difficult to decipher. As a result, whoever has your phone will have a hard time trying to hack into it.

Set up a rigid screen lock
Set up a rigid screen lock

3. Use a mobile VPN.

You need to protect your mobile phone from the dangers you can encounter when browsing the mobile web. To improve mobile cybersecurity, what you can do is to use a mobile VPN. This is a specialized service that protects your privacy when connected to the internet on your phone.

A mobile VPN works by masking your IP address and encrypting your mobile connection. This allows you to ensure that all your mobile web browsing activities remain 100% private. This is perfect if you often connect to public Wi-Fi networks, as all browsing activities will remain anonymous and unreadable, even to your mobile network provider.

Install a mobile security app

4. Install a mobile security app.

Just like your computer, you need an advanced solution in order to protect your mobile phone effectively. This is where a mobile security app comes in.

A mobile security app is a specialized smartphone application designed with high-performance security features that help boost smartphone security. By installing a mobile security app, you gain access to a more systematized way of protecting your smartphone from online and offline security threats.

Among the best mobile security apps that you should consider is Comodo Mobile Security. It is packed with leading-edge mobile security features that help protect your mobile phone. By downloading Comodo Mobile Security, you can get access to features such as a mobile VPN, an identity theft module, a safe browsing option, and an app lock.

Protect your Mobile Phone: Conclusion

Mobile security risks can infiltrate your phone at anytime. Without adequate smartphone security, your phone becomes an easy target of malicious attacks. The best thing to do is to  implement vital security measures.

To protect your mobile phone, consider installing a mobile security app, such as Comodo Mobile Security. Such an application can ensure top-grade smartphone security. Now, your phone will remain optimized and your data protected.

Protect your Mobile Device
Browse the Mobile Web in Complete Anonymity

What Is VPN? | Advantage #2: Browse the Mobile Web in Complete Anonymity

Using a mobile VPN will allow you to maintain your anonymity online. A mobile VPN does this by masking your IP address. Then, you can access mobile applications and websites anonymously and without being traced, even by your mobile network provider.

What Is VPN? | Advantage #3: Bypass Restrictions

A mobile VPN’s advantage does not end with online security and anonymity alone. It also allows you to bypass geographical restrictions. This means you can now access online content and websites that are blocked in your country or region.

For example, let's say that you want to watch a certain YouTube video. However, the video’s uploader made that video unavailable in your country. With the use of a mobile VPN, you will be able to bypass that internet filter and watch the video.

Most Efficient Mobile Security App
Getting Access to a Reliable Mobile VPN Service

What Is VPN? — Getting Access to a Reliable Mobile VPN Service

There are several VPN service applications available on the App Store and Google Play. These smartphone applications can help in keeping your data safe and remaining anonymous online. However, there is another efficient method you can try in order to get access to a reliable mobile VPN service. This is though downloading a mobile security app.

Opting to download an all-around mobile security solution can be a better option, since it can give you access to other smartphone protection features as well. As a result, you won’t just get a reliable mobile VPN service, but you can also leverage its other functionalities to give your smartphone complete protection.

What Is VPN? — Conclusion

Your smartphone is a vital device that helps in making your day-to-day life easier. It is only fair that you find effective methods to secure it rigidly. Now, that you know what is VPN and how it can protect your smartphone from web-based security risks, you must now leverage its functionality to maintain top-notch smartphone security.

To ensure that you can further boost your phone’s safety, look for a mobile VPN service that is part of a complete mobile security application. This way, you can also gain access to other mobile security functionalities that give your phone absolute smartphone protection.