Safe Browser Feature: How it Secures your iPhone

Safe browser is a feature that is designed to help users secure their mobile web browsing activities. One way to access a reliable safe browser feature is through downloading a mobile security app for iPhone. Some mobile security apps showcase this must-have feature. Comodo Mobile Security is a good example.

The mobile web is filled with mobile security threats that can harm your iPhone and steal your sensitive information. With that, it is advisable to download a mobile security app that offers a safe browser feature. By using this feature, you can browse the mobile web more securely and prevent web-based threats from infecting your phone.

The following are the benefits of downloading a mobile security app that offers a safe browser feature:

Safe Browser

Benefits of Using Safe Browser

Prevent Malware Infection

Safe Browser Feature Benefit 1: Prevents You From Accessing Malware-infected Websites

Using a safe browser helps you to remain protected online. When you browse using your iPhone, you may land on unsecure websites. A site like this is filled with malicious codes that threaten iPhone security. Using a safe browser service can give you an extra layer of web browser security every time you go online using your iPhone.

By downloading a mobile security app that offers a safe browser feature, you will be able to avoid accessing malware-infected websites. A safe browser feature is programmed to display alerts every time you attempt to visit potentially risky web pages. It is capable of scanning every mobile web page you are trying to visit and determining whether potential browser security risks are present.

Safe Browser Feature Benefit 2: Prevents Data Theft

Browsing the mobile web unsecured could raise numerous security risks. One of these is data theft. You are probably using your iPhone to check your online banking accounts. You are also probably using it to make online purchases and other transactions where you give sensitive information. In doing all of that, you need to use the browser feature. This way, you can secure all sensitive information that you share when accessing the Internet through your iPhone.

A safe browser feature will help you detect phishing websites. Once detected, the feature will block your access to these malicious sites. A phishing website is designed to steal your sensitive information, particularly credit card and banking credentials.

Data theft can also result to worse damages. Cybercriminals can use your data without your consent. This could impact your financial records. Luckily, by downloading a mobile security app that offers a browser feature, you can block all websites that are potentially malicious.

Prevent Data Theft
Mobile Web Browsing

Safe Browser Feature Benefit 3: Lets You Enjoy Uninterrupted Mobile Web Browsing

By using the safe browser feature of a mobile security app, you can now browse the mobile web more freely. With the assurance that a reliable security feature is monitoring your web browsing activities, you will have the advantage of worrying less about iPhone security threats.

You are constantly guaranteed that all considered malicious websites will be blocked. That gives you protection against phishing attacks, browser hijacking, other web-based browser security threats. With all that, you can enjoy uninterrupted mobile web browsing experience.

Comodo Mobile Security

Securing your web browsing activities should a top priority. Luckily, there are now mobile security apps, such as Comodo Mobile Security, that can give you optimum mobile web protection. Comodo Mobile Security offers a top-notch safe browsing feature that can guard you against malicious websites.

Comodo Mobile Security is one of the best mobile security apps to offer a safe browsing feature. This allows you to enjoy a safe web browsing experience while using your iPhone.

Comodo Mobile Security will send you quick warnings before you access a potentially risky web page. Through this, you can avoid landing on suspicious websites that aims to steal your sensitive information or hijack your mobile web browser. No doubt, our safe browsing feature will help you improve browser security and protect your data.

Comodo Mobile Security will also help you give your iPhone all-in-one protection. This is through the help of the other top-of-line security features included in the app. These include:

Identity Theft Protection

This feature will help you keep protected against the dangers of identity theft. Comodo Mobile Security monitors suspicious activities on the Dark Web and sends you warnings when any of your sensitive info was compromised.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This Comodo mobile feature protects your privacy while surfing the web using your iPhone. It will mask your IP address and encrypt your mobile connection. As a result, your mobile web browsing will remain 100% private.

App Lock

Through this feature, you can protect access to any sensitive application installed on your iPhone. This comes handy in preventing prying eyes from using and accessing the apps you want to keep private.

Protect your iPhone with a mobile security app that offers a reliable, safe browser feature. Download Comodo Mobile Security today!