iOS Security Tips to Improve iPhone Protection

iOS security issues can happen before you know it. That is why it is important to take precautionary iOS security measures. This will prevent iOS security threats from infiltrating your iPhone and compromising your data.

Even though iOS is known to be a more secure system compared to its competitors, it is still susceptible to online and offline iOS security threats. With that, you should execute iOS security practices. This will help you to guarantee the protection of your iPhone.

Listed below are some iOS security tips to help you maximize the safety of your iPhone and all files stored in it:

iOS security

iOS security Tips

Update iOS Regularly

iOS Security Tip #1: Update iOS Regularly

Similar to any other systems, regular software updates is important to iOS-powered devices such as iPhone. The good thing about this is that Apple recognizes the importance of software updates. That is why Apple releases iOS updates on a regular basis.

By updating your iPhone’s software as soon as a new iOS version is released, you will improve iOS security. Apple releases software updates to address emerging iOS security issues that may infect your iPhone. Moreover, iOS updates also allow you to get access to new features or functionalities that are not available in the previous iOS version.

Without a doubt, installing iOS updates is imperative. With that, you must ensure that you will be able to install all iOS updates as soon as possible. Normally, Apple sends out notification alerts to users informing them about the new iOS update. But if you really want to ensure that all iOS updates will be installed immediately, then turn on automatic iOS updates. This way, the installation of iOS updates will be automated. Thus, helping you guarantee better iOS security

iOS Security Tip #2: Strengthen Your Screen Lock Authentication

For iOS security purposes, Apple allows iPhone users to set up a 4-character numeric passcode. However, the security it provides may not be enough. Remember, the first rule in creating strong passwords is to use a combination of different characters.

Luckily, Apple has a solution for this. Not all iPhone users might be aware of this, but you can change the typical 4-character code into an alphanumeric passcode. By setting this up, you can change your passcode into something more difficult to guess. As a result, unauthorized screen unlock can be prevented.

Apple also has integrated biometric authentication systems for iPhones. This enables a more secure screen lock authentication. The first one is Touch ID. It is a top-notch fingerprint recognition feature. To activate Touch ID, you need to register your fingerprint. This adds iOS security as fingerprint recognition is one of the best methods used to determine one’s identity.

Another of iPhone’s biometric authentication process is Face ID. It is a facial recognition system that provides intuitive and secure authentication. Apple claims that Face ID is the more secure biometric authentication option. This is because the probability that another person could unlock your phone through Face ID is approximately one in a million.

With all the options that Apple has provided to prevent unauthorized access to your iPhone, you don’t have any excuse to leave your iPhone unprotected. Always keep in mind that your iPhone stores some of your most sensitive files and data (e.g. banking details, social media accounts, personal information). With that, you must implement stronger screen lock authentication methods.

Strengthen Your Screen Lock Authentication
Install an iPhone Security App

iOS Security Tip #3: Install an iPhone Security App

Installing an iPhone security app is probably one of the most valuable security measures you can do to protect your iPhone. iPhone security apps are iOS applications that are designed to keep you safe from offline and online security threats. It is packed with substantial features that aim to safeguard your iPhone and data. With that, your iPhone will remain secure and optimized.

Comodo Mobile Security is a leading-edge iPhone security app available on the App Store. It offers a wide range of iOS security features that can provide your iPhone with optimum protection. You can download Comodo Mobile Security for free. With that, you can experience maximum iOS security without breaking the bank.

Download Comodo Mobile Security now and get access to these following features:

  • Identity Theft Protection - Get instant notification alerts every time any of your sensitive information is put for sale on the Dark Web.
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  • App Lock - Prevent unauthorized access to any sensitive app installed in your iPhone.

App Lock - Prevent unauthorized access to any sensitive app installed in your iPhone.