Safe Browsing App: Why Use this on Your Phone

Safe browsing apps are used to protect your web browsing activity. The use of this application is important as you now use your iPhone or Android phone to browse the Internet, just as if you are using a desktop or laptop computer.

The Internet is filled with a variety of mobile cybersecurity threats. Due to this, you need to take the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of your phone and data stored in it. Doing such is important, regardless whether you’re an iPhone or Android user.

Both iPhone and Android phones may have built-in security features. But, that don’t make them completely invulnerable to mobile cybersecurity threats. For that reason, you must look for an effective solution to help you maintain the safety of your phone every time you use it to browse the web. You can do this by using a safe browsing app.

To learn what a safe browsing app is and how it can protect your phone, we listed some of its key benefits. Here they are:

Safe Browsing App

Top Benefits of Using a Safe Browsing App

Mobile Phishing Attacks Prevention

Safe Browsing App Benefit #1: Mobile Phishing Attacks Prevention

Mobile phishing attacks aim to steal your private information. One technique that fraudsters use to initiate a mobile phishing attack is by directing you to a risky website. This website is designed to look like a legitimate one (e.g. banks, credit card companies, etc.). Thus, tricking you into believing that you are in a licit website. An effective way to avoid being directed to a phishing website is through the use of a safe browsing app.

A safe browsing app sends notification alerts every time you try to visit a potentially risky website. This means that if ever you are to be directed to a mobile phishing website, you will be alerted immediately. The safe browsing app will automatically block your access to that phishing site. This prevents you from being tricked into giving your private information to the wrong hands.

Safe Browsing App Benefit #2: Protection Against Browser Hijacking

By using a safe browsing app, you can protect your iPhone or Android phone against the impact and risk of browser hijacking. Browser hijacking modifies your browser without your permission and injects unwanted advertisements into your browser. Worst, it can also be used to steal your personal information.

By using a safe browsing app, you can have an effective way to prevent browsing hijacking software to be installed on your iPhone or Android phone. The safe browsing app will automatically block your access to URLs that contain browser hijacking software. Thus, guaranteeing optimal mobile cybersecurity.

Protection Against Browser Hijacking
Mobile Security Application

Mobile Security App

There are standalone safe browsing apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. However, it is not your only option. There is a better alternative that you can try. It is a mobile security app.

There are some mobile security apps that offer a built-in safe browsing feature. By opting to use this application, you won’t just be able to secure your web browsing activities. A mobile security app will give you access to a range of other features that will give you all-around protection. With that, your phone will be protected not just from phishing attacks and browser hijacking, but also to other mobile cybersecurity threats.

To give you some tips on how to choose a mobile security app, here are two important factors to consider:

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Security App

Features - You must check whether a mobile security app is offering a set of features that can help you protect your phone and data against online and offline threats. Aside from a remarkable safe browsing function, it must contain other necessary features such as VPN, identity theft protection, app lock, and more.

Interface - Top-notch features are useless if you don’t know how to use them. That is why when evaluating a mobile security app, you must check out its interface. Make sure that it offers an easy-to-understand interface. This gives you easy access to its features, settings, and menus. As a result, you will be able to maximize the use of the app.

Safe Browsing App: Our Recommendation

To guarantee that you can prevent mobile cybersecurity threats from infiltrating your phone, you must install a mobile security app that offers a top-of-the-line safe browsing feature. Our recommendation? Comodo Mobile Security.

Among Comodo Mobile Security’s features is Safe Browsing. This feature secures your browsing experience by preventing phishing attacks and browser hijacking from infiltrating your phone. Through this app, you can guarantee optimal mobile cybersecurity every time you browse the web using your iPhone or Android phone.

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